Who We Are

Though we have a great time together throughout the week at Epic Life, our Sunday gatherings are our big celebrations.  They are more like a family reunion than a traditional church service. We worship God and study the Bible in a lively but relaxed atmosphere. We catch up with each other and talk and laugh. We take care of one another.  We give life to one another, and we learn what it really means to be a church.

Our church is an independent, full-gospel church!  That means we are not affiliated with  any one denomination. The fact is, our church has people who were raised in any number of denominations: Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Assembly of God, Christian Reformed, Nazarene, Reformed, Wesleyan, Church of God, Episcopal or numerous others. The thing we all have in common is that we exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and we believe the Bible is the Word of God!
We Are a Family Church.
We are committed to the spiritual development of your entire family - kids, teens and adults!  Whether you're investigating the claims of Christ, a new or young Christian, or a mature well-seasoned believer, there is always room for spiritual growth and we offer a variety of classes and programs that will assist you.
Though we are not affiliated with any one denomination, we have very definite accountability structures.  The church itself and the pastors are accountable to an outside Board of Directors.  Financially there is also great accountability through the Board of Trustees who oversee the finances and all business dealings of the church.                                
People Usually Want to Know  
What do you believe and what style of worship do you have?  We are a Bible-based church with a contemporary, charismatic style of worship.  Our dress is culturally casual.  We teach the Bible in an innovative and compelling way so people can experience the reality of being born-again and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We want to raise up passionate people who love Jesus and share the good news of what Jesus has done in their sphere of influence!